Elephant - How to?

    • Dippy19
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      Hello! I'm going to be setting up a computer especially for poker this weekend and to avoid any hardware/software tilt and/or broken monitors I have a few questions :)

      1.How do I get hands out of Elephant on my current comp to move them in to the new one?
      2.Can I just use my old postgreSQL database?
      3.Do I have to use another registration code or can I use the same one? And where do I get another one?

      And some non Elephant related questions(all help is much appreciated:) ):

      1.What do I need to plug in two monitors in the same non-laptop computer? Because there's only one plug in.
      2.I bought a Telescope license via PS shop, do I have to buy another one for the new comp or can I somehow transfer the old one?

      That's about it, I think.
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    • mishuq
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      hello Dippy
      I hope this helps a bit

      about the elephant:
      1. I (only) suppose it's like this: you go to settings -> database management -> start DB backup and create new one after you reinstall elephant (please don't blame me if crashes and you loose it all :P )
      2. ....
      3. I started a thread about that myself a week ago and no one answered

      non-elephant stuff:
      a. get two video cards and plug in two monitors.
      b. get a single video card that supports dual monitors and plug in the two monitors.
      as for the software part I can't write the exact steps as I use Ubuntu and kind of forgot how to set them on windows
      2. prey that someone will reply to your post and guide you through :)
    • RockEye
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      I hope this helps

      1. If you still have your hands (txt files) saved at your poker platform directory, it best you just create new database and import them again. I did that for 10 times, because i had some pc problems and had to make restore or repair of the system every week but i only have 50k hands and it takes like 4 mins. If you got 500k+ hands it will take longer.

      2. I've already tried to find a database files as i wanted to just copy them, but i doubt this would work.

      3. When you'll reinstall Elephant and make a new postgres account, Elephant will ask you for license when you'll run it for the first time and it will show your new computer (machine) code. You just copy/paste it here - Enter new machine code (scroll down to the bottom) http://www.pokerstrategy.com/home/profile/
      Then your new license will appear. I think you are eligible for two codes if not three.

      Non elephant related:

      1. Yes you need a new video card. All new cards has two vga outs or one digital (you get an adapter for vga with it too) and one vga, even older cards have two video outs so you don't have to buy a new one really

      2. Can't help you with that...
    • CoreySteel
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      If you install Elephant on another PC or if you format PC and install Elephant again, you will "create" other machine code, so you will have to use additional registration code.
      By default you have 2, but if you ask support nicely, they will open third one for you :)
    • Dippy19
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      Thanks for the replys guys, I think I'm all set now.

      I just have to buy a new video card^^
      But nice to know that the guy at the store wasn't just busting my chops :P