From Papa with Love - 500 bars and higher

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      Hi all,

      I keep it simple.

      Goal: 500 buyins for next level
      Motivation: My son will be born on 27th of November 2016 once he turns 18 I want to hand him an envelope with cash saying: "That's for you".
      Biggest threat: Discipline, this Forum dies, I die, some other fucked up shit happens
      Games: 180s and tourneys
      Current Bankroll: 250$ (100 buy-ins)
      Frequency: only god knows - sure not grinding it as time is on my side.

      Why should I read this?
      Because 18 years down the road this is going to be epic and sometimes I can be funny and you can ask me anything.

      In be4 facepalm, tl;dr; your momma and what not. :f_drink:
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