I played around 2 000 Heads up SNG matches at Unibet, predominantly on 4 € and 10 € levels. I lost my bankroll ( around 60 buy ins). I'd say I am a decent fish that was a slight loser ( around 49,5% of wins on Stars) but I expected games to be easy here.
It's a bit difficult evaluating your game without tracking your results but I will ask people who consider themselves regulars at HU SNG cash at Unibet: Are these games beatable by some good percentage - like 53-55% of wins? Do any of you consistently profit on HU SNG's?
I mean, you start off with 33 BB, and the levels go up every few minutes. I love both of these facts, but does this structure make the game unbeatable?
Also, despite nickname changes, every day I see same players which in my opinion play pretty solid poker. I don't think Unibet is soft as they say, infact it seems reg infested at low levels of HU SNG's.