lost my whole roll! playing heads up razz

    • allurchips
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      switched over from no limit about 2 months ago because i found i could make $200-300 easily in a day and when i say i lost my whole roll i mean all that i had in my acount.im still up money wise.but i lost about $1500 in 3 days playin $3-$6 and $2-$4 heads up.and i ran bad and ill admit played bad at certian times as well.i was just wondering if thier was any other razz players out thier who could give me some advice on wether its a profitable enough game?( it def beats multi table $22 sngs all day) :baby: :)
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    • PidKoker
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      All games are profitable as long as you are playing better than the other players you will make money, you should play what ever your BEST game is, if that is Razz than so be it just keep playing it.
      Just improve your game and try again if your turning profits of 200-300 ( dont know what the sample size is) you must be doing something right unless you were just hot one day and cold another.

      When I played .25/.50 6Max Razz I was turning a decent profit for a low limit game But only had a sample size of about 7000.... I made money by finding players who were drawing when they shouldn't (like in many low limit stud games) and just exploited my edge I had.