icm trainer question

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    • gavinonymous
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      That number is the player's range - whether betting or calling. 33%. means the top 33 percent of cards (as shown in equilator software I think) - that's down to around T9o, I think?

      Your range is shown too. If you can learn what that translates to in terms of cards, you can pretty much cheat the ICM trainer to get close to 100%.

      I'm going back to turning the ranges off so I can make sure to learn them. There's a checkbox on the right hand side, closer to the bottom 'show player ranges' unclick it.

      I'd more like to know what the player edge should be set at, and why?
    • LuborC
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      Originally posted by gavinonymous
      I'd more like to know what the player edge should be set at, and why?
      This is actually a very interesting question I never got the answer to. It might be a good idea to ask this in the next coaching..
    • PidKoker
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      Would it not depend on the stakes that you are playing, say for example your playing low limits ($1-$3) SnGs wouldnt you want to make the edge high because they are usually bad players having a higher edge would be better, than on the other hand when your playing higher stakes ($11-$55) the players are better so your edge would be smaller anyways. Or do I have this idea all wrong?
    • Hlynkinn
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      hero's edge depends mostly on situations... when you have 3bb's you obv. don't have any edge... but when your thinking about re-shoving your 18bb stack you have edge so you should prolly not gamble your 18bb..

      as for the limit I actually make all my icm calculations on the lower limits without edge since you want to push really loosely on those limits since players call you tight...