$1 Turbo SNGS advice

    • LuckyRH
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      Hi everyone,

      Just wondering if any of you can tell me which video is the best one to watch for Turbo sngs. I play on party poker the $1 sngs I always seem to end up with what I started with.

      So any tips/help would be appreciated.

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    • LuborC
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      Party's 1$ Turbos are actually pretty tough to beat because of the rake which is 20-25% or something.. So if you are breaking even you are doing a pretty good job already.
      As for the videos I think any one from the SNG section can help and there are not so many so you can easily (and should) watch them all.
      I also recommend using the ICM trainer a LOT. Once you get pretty good at it (like 95% correct) set it to 4 players to practice the bubble play which is very different to the normal play.

      Hope some of this helps.
    • gavinonymous
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      I agree, $1 sng's aren't very good for bankroll building unless your ROI is above the huge rake (which isn't extremely hard, but variance can be a killer and it can take a long time to get to the next level)

      I suggest if you can deposit $50 and get a bankroll for $3 games, I find they are slightly more sane than the $1's ;) . I started with sng's at $3.40, above BRM, but promised myself to move down to $1 if I hit $35 or so. I also intended to deposit $50 anyway to take advantage of the first deposit bonus, so it wasn't so bad for me to start at a higher buyin. If you do decide to go higher, make sure you set a lower limit for BI's to move down at and stick to it!

      Good fortune to you!