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Rise and Shine

    • CassiusKlay
      Joined: 11.04.2010 Posts: 1,361
      Hi guys, this is CassiusKlay,

      I am a 26 year old German, who plays Poker for quite some time.
      Mixing games up I did some SNGs, MTTs to finally find my passion in the MTTs.
      Due to a lack of money I will grind it up from the beginning,
      starting with the 45man 1.50$ turbo SNGs with a Bankroll of only 25$.
      If I bust all , I will have another shot with 25$.

      Goals / Longtermgoals:
      My dream is to play MTTs on every stake I want to play them.
      So at least sky is the limit ;)

      Goals for Octobre:
      # Play 1000 SNGs and recap after it to set new goals for November
      # at least 2 posts per week in this blog
      # grind 4 days per week at least 2 hours

      Thoughts on the 45man 1,50$ turbos:
      It's pretty easy money,though. Players just don't know, how to play different situations,
      especially the late stages.
      So my approach will be a tight one for the earlier stages, while I will change gears in the later stages.
      Of course ICM plays a huge roll at FTs, so I will have that in mind.

      My setup/My volume:
      Simple Laptop , not a second screen at all, no tools.
      12-15 tabling at the start of sessions filling up to around 20 tables, whenever I feel comfortable to do it.
      I guess, 10% is pretty easy to achieve with this kind of setup considering my skill-level.

      180$: 3,50$ 45man
      300$: 2.20$ 180man
      700$: 7$ 45man
      1000$: 7$ 180man

      How to improve my game:
      I will record some sessions in order to review changes in playstyle over time and my overall
      playstyle. 1-2 times per week I will take some notes, what to consider ,what to think about in future
      sessions or just to create adaptions to my gameplan.

      If I achieve my goals for Octobre, I will get a little incentive in form of a decent dinner evening
      at a steak house. This is really crucial, if u want to keep your motivation over long periods.

      Thoughts/Things to add:
      I am really happy to put poker to a different level in my life and to create something huge,
      people will talk about. That's my goal, that's my passion.
      CassiusKlay is the name, but it's more than that, it's an attitude, never giving up,
      always having something in mind to answer.

      So let's start it now and go big.
      Thank you guys for reading. Have a nice day.
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