[NL2-NL10] folding overpair on flop?

    • ninjagaiden05
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      this is more of a general question dealing with overpair than a exact sample hand, not sure if in right forum:

      Do you guys think it's ever ok to fold overpair on flop if villain shows strength?

      imagine the following case:

      you have 80+ BBs as has all the villain(s).
      you are on button

      you have QQ, KK or AA and open with 4-6BB raise, 1-3villain call.

      flop comes 8d9dTs, everyon checks you, you raise 4/6 of the pot.

      everyone folds except on villain who reraises either 3x youre raise or allin.

      woul it be more +ev to always fold here against solid players?
      if the players are fishy they still might have you beat.

      I think with aces maybe call since villain could have worse overpair?
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    • CoverJ
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      to me personally i would be folding if we are talking 4 player pot.

      but you did say open raise on the button. so ill assume we are talking max of 3 players, yourself, sb, bb.

      i think against 2 players at NL10 i am going broke with AA here. like you said they could be going with a worse overpair. i also dont think its a stretch to imagine some of the fish at nl10 going broke with a hand like A10 especially if the A is diamond.

      against 1 villain i think im calling a reraise/push with KK/AA and probly crossing my fingers and calling with QQ lol.

      just my take :)
    • srohack
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      you cant talk a bout a hand so general
      it matters a lot if its 1 2 3 .. etc players on the flop
      it matters who raises you
      it matters if he shoves or does a small raise
      it matters how you are perceived at the table
      usualy mucking is fine in a 4 way pot
      you should post the question in the nl strategy discussion forum but with much more info
      this is to general