Just something I've been wondering about. Want to know whether I'm missing something, or if my thoughts are correct.

I've just started PS, and playing at titan, I've played bout 1500 hands or so. Elephant says I've got about $5 rake (at NL10). So, that's around 15 PS Points.

Then, I referred a friend who is playing on Partypoker, and within one day...and 300 hands..he's got 27 PS points already (NL10 also). THen I looked on the pp website, and say that it is generated by hands raked, and that 160 hands raked on nl10 is 10 PP Points = 15 PS Points.

Is it just me, or is the rate so much slower at titan?

I mean...at this rate..seems like it's gonna be impossible to clear elephant using titan anytime soon, but with PP, can do it in under two weeks?

can someone confirm my calculations that it takes much more to clear PS points at Titan as compared to PP?

On that note, what site is best for collecting PS Points?