Nick's coaching w/o unam

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    • TribunCaesar
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      I haven't been there, but : spam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      edit: now I have been there :D :D :D
    • 8979687
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      R O EYE!!!!
    • z4tz
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      Ashame that so much time and anger went into the RB-discussion, it was a SnG-coaching, take those things outside of the coachings i say.

      And in the end there was a small heads-up fight between the coaches recorded by yours truly. Tribun and Nick Heads Up!

      Other than that nice coaching nick, learnt some stuff, post the AK-fold hand here please. wanna have another look at it.
    • glowie
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      Hm, oke, I was also there, so my opinion of the coaching:

      I had the feeling that you haven't been in the best mood that day (as I wrote, I had the feeling, doesn't mean that that was the case) and as z4tz already said the discussion about the rakeback was pretty annoying (for you too, as everybody heard), don't know what I would have done in that situation, but in the end, I guess your solution was best (although I would have come to that end a little earlier :D ).
      Besides that I really like your coachings (don't neccessarily need unam there :D ) and your videos, same for this one.
      The only thing was your voice (I mean the transfer of it) which was really getting louder and soften up all the time.

      Looking forward to the next wednesday and hoping for a good coaching with Nick in a good temper and some nice pokeraction :)

      PS.: Please light your cigarettes not so near to the mic... :P I smoke, too, but not at the computer, so I always think about going out for a smoke, when you do that :D