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    • luckydont
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      What do you guys do to cool down after long poker sessions, especially tilty and costly ones. I noticed that after they happen, I sometimes might "bark" at my girlfriend and people around me. Unhappiness sneaks out from Poker results to my real life. Even though I know short term results doesn't matter, I can't stop myself from doing this. Any ideas?:f_ugly:
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    • la55i
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      Have you read The Mental Game of Poker? It helped me with tilting.
    • metalmonkey80
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      Hi luckydont,

      So far in my poker career I have had a few tiltly moments. Including one I am going through now :f_mad:
      Before I found myself pushing on and being more aggressive at the tables bluffing more and loosing more.
      This time I have just accepted that the variants are not in my favor and after reviewing my game, that there is nothing I can do about it.
      Some of the things I do to tackle a bad poker mood off the tables is to go for a walk or run and shake off all the negativity straight after my grind.
      Something else I have found really helps is putting that aggression into house work or cooking.
      If you have any mental game books I would also recommend reading them even if you already have. This has helped solidify in my mind that there is nothing I can do about it other than not to let it affect my game in the future.

      Also maybe say to your girlfriend that you had a bad day at work, and sorry if I am in a bad mood. :f_biggrin:

      Hopefully this may be some help to you.


    • AlvisR
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      I go and do my gf :f_thumbsup:

      Tilt: when you think you are the boss and deserve all, but it doesnt come your way, you still think you have more power than others and you rage. Lack of information + evil ego of every human being. Best cure for tilt: let someone punch you in face :roto2:
    • luckydont
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      Thanks for all the great advice's. I have read few poker psychology books. And have years of practice, still happens though...
      I've been experimenting lately with this - Cooling down Audio-video . Run it after every poker session , works very well for me, allows to look at your poker from another angle which calms down the agitated mind.
    • Mobcasinos
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      I go out with my friend and drink some ice cold beer. We talk about what happen during the game and how we lost the game. After that day it just like nothing happens and life of a poker gamer continues to roll on.
    • Primrose6789
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      I quit the session before getting tilty and just do something else like reading or I shift down to a lower limit or freerolls and play it through there so that I can minimize my losses.