Looking for motivation...

    • phullhand
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      Im looking for some incentive words :) lol

      After playing like 30K hands of SSS and make ~$200 on Mansion, they moved to the new network and then it was very difficult to make some money. Then I start to loose and when I had $200 I decide to change to SnG.

      Playing SnG, after 20K hands I was capable to be break even, but play at the micro levels is really frustrating because you have so many donks calling and raise with trash (and then win) that I started to not enjoy play anymore.

      Than I start to play FL, hoping that even founding donks, I could not loose so much money, because they could not go all in :)
      But now, after 15K hands, Im experimenting another downswing (today I lost 20BB after play 160 hands!!).

      Sure, I know I have to learn to manage my frustration after a bad bet and dont get tilted. Im pretty sure that I loose money not because of bad bet only.

      My question is: for you guys that handled to achieve medium/high limits, how to not get tilted after studing many hours, play a lot of hands, and then losing for a stupid donk that dont have idea of what is an odd???

      My second question: I saw some charts from pro players, since they began and all of them start to raise to higher limits after, at least, 100K hands. Is it because they learned something new and then get better or its a normal curve you need to wait until you reach some micro/low level where you could play against strategy and not "river lucky" ??

      Tnx! Best regards,
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey phullhand.

      Just to let you know this is all normal in poker.
      Varience sucks but stick with it and your making +EV decisiont he money will come.
      I'm also playing on Mansion and i started out on SSS and made a bit of money with it but couldn't seem to beat NL25.

      I had a big enough roll to play BSS comfortably and studied it and become a winning player on the low limits with this.
      But when i moved up limits i couldn't beat it.

      Then I moved to SnG's and have been a winning play at $5.50 and yet to move up.

      I honestly believe sometimes u need to be a at a certain level for a long time to be able to beat it day in and day out.
      Yesterday was my first day back on BSS and had a +2BI day because each level has it's own atmosphere and you have to find a style that beats that limit and I felt I did.

      Do you post hands, watch videos, read articles and visit coachings?
      All these help dramatically, you've probaly heard it a thousand times in these forums but I can't stress it enough.

      I can't explain why people climb limits so quick but 1 reason would be is because they play everyday, some of us can't play everyday because of work or studies or don't have the mind power to play so many hands.

      Also stats are a life saver, you can make a lot of money from knowing who steals so you can re-steal them, if they are calling stations, how tight they are, etc etc.
      What limits are you playing now?

      Goodluck with your adventure.
    • finchybg
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      You need to change your attitude, dude ;)
      You must like donks.

      As for a motivator, I'd recommend bonus hunting.
      Really works because even if things aren't going your way you have a stimulus to play.

      Wish you GL :)
    • Gafny
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      when donks reraise you all in preflop with Q6 you just smile, make a note and add them to friendlist :D
    • phullhand
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      Hi guys, ty all for the messages! :)

      justkyle, now I'm playing FL 0.10/0.20 on PartyPoker and 0.25/0.50 on Full Tilt.

      Yesterday I had a good day, and recovered 10BB.

      I try to play every day, at least 1 hour. And always watch training videos.
      I'm not posting so many hands, but I'll try to do this more times.

      My big issue is not get frustrated with bad beats. Now I have more patience at the beginning, but after 4 or 5 bad beats on the same session I loose my focus and start play bad. I know I should close the game and try to do another thing, but I keep thinking "If you play correctly, following charts and odds, I can recover that".. lol!!But the result is less money in my bankroll.

      Thanks guys!! GL at the tables!

    • TheBrood
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      Read the tilt article which explains how even when you KNOW you musnt go on tilt, you still go unconciously...

      To get motivated again after a downswing, I take a break, see if I made mistakes and come back to the tables when I want to, not because I feel I have to. You see things 100% clear after a break. Reading on the forum about other peoples success/blogs helps too.
    • justkyle88
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      Yeah tilt sucks, but i try to think of it like this...
      MY goal is to win, become better and overall, win money.
      If i tilt and let the donks affect me i will not reach my goals.
      Dont change the way you play if consistently making + EV decisions and geting 1 outered each day, its just variance.