• DonteSVK
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      Hi !

      I registered my friend through that personal referrer link you gave me.
      He has passed the test.

      Now he has 26 life time strategy points.

      When you will transfer that money or are there any other conditions ?

      I have also noticed this:

      "Current balance: $10
      * You need a further $40 to get the money transferred."

      -I dont actually understand that message. It feels like it has something with my tell-a-friends.

      Thx for positive reply.

      GG and GL
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    • greatplayer1979
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      most of the platforms you need to deposit $50 or more so once you accumulate atleast $50 then you can transfer. the message is to keep track and tell you how much before you get $50 so you can transfer to your account. once your friend gets over 100 then you'll get another $15. so you either need to get another friend to register and do the same or wait till your one friend gets enough points so you get over $50.

    • riv3rd4ncer
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      Originally posted by DonteSVK
      It feels like it has something with my tell-a-friends.
      yes, i think the taf money is paid through interaccount transfers, and the minimum for those is 50$
      you save up the taf money here on ps and once you have more than 50$, you can request the transfer...