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Bankrolling (6-max NL5)

    • LordRonin
      Joined: 10.02.2009 Posts: 296
      Hi there. English is not my mother language, so hope my writings won't look weird to others :milord:
      About myself

      My name is Vyacheslav I am Korean that speaks Russian and lives in Kazakhstan :truestory:

      Hello Poker Story

      Started playing on Titan in 2009 where I got my free 50$ from PS played some tourneys and cash, lost 10$ and didn't really liked playing. In 2010 some lonely summer day I was bored and remembered that I have 40$ left to play some poker. So I re-read all the articles available to me on PS and played again. Was masticating some rake for about a month and the lost all the money. :f_cry: One more time it was over with poker. Year later I found out that person that I know plays poker and is successfull in it. He was playing FL30-60$. I found some offer of free 20$ on party poker and started grinding FL :s_ugly: This time I was pretty hot. And made it up to 0.5-1$.
      I needed more education so I decided to swtich to FullTilt with PS as affilate to be able to increase my status at PS. Also I've changed my discipline and started playing NL. What a sweet times :s_thumbsup: :s_thumbsup: :s_thumbsup: I think after playing FL I had huge edge in postflop over the NL field, because you see turn and rivers more often playing FL. So I have been crushing NL10 and NL25. Bought computer on poker money, and continued grinding :s_love: Then 15 of April 2011 it happened :pcuser: black friday... :why: My bankroll was stuck there and one more time I stopped playing poker one more time.
      Half a year without poker and I decided to borrow 20$ from my elder brother on PokerStars. I had account there not connected with strategy though. Grinded NL10 there, and then lost my motivation to play. After getting my bankroll back on FTP cashed it out, the game there was much different from what I used to play.
      Continued playing at Stars NL10-25. And then I discovered casino games :ayfkm: lost there about 4000$ :appl: :appl: :appl: half a year ago. :s_frown: After that was working on my psychology not to make that mistake again. So I am back, and ready to grind my way back.

      Passed NL2

      To be filled later...
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