The Hard Work Challenge. From NL2z to NL25z.

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      Hello guys, my name is Dieison and Im from Brazil. Im starting this blog as part of the Get Rich or Die Tryin challenge, because I was already on a challenge of my own, so why not?
      I have always played sng MTTs but never really got out of the 2.5$ 180mans, i stoped playing poker in the last two years and now I wanna make a living from poker.
      I choosed the cash games because I think its where I can improve the most.
      I have been playing for about a month on NL2z already and improving my game, still have a looooooong way to go and lots of things to learn. I´ve used the first month trial for PT4 and had a 80k hands with about 6/100 bb. I dont have the graph bc the program expired and i didnt think i would need that graph :f_p: .
      This is what my graph on the HM2 trial looks like(i still have about 15 days of the trial, after that i will look for another trial, i want to buy Hm2 but i cant invest the money right now, so I will have to earn from poker :f_tongue: )

      I have started with 25$ and now i have 93$ + 15$rakeback.
      I have a full time job so i cant put the volume that i would like, but i still think i can average about 2k hands a day.
      My goal is to reach NL25z with 1250$ BR.

      I will go up as soon as I have 30BI for the next level and go down if i drop to 20BI
      Cya yoy guys at the tables!
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