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Could anyone help my Razz Strategy

    • PidKoker
      Joined: 03.06.2008 Posts: 416
      I was told to raise up 3 cards 8 or lower but was also told 5,6,7 & 6,7,8 are not that playable. I was also told to jam with 3 cards lower than 5

      I was also told (Hu or 3way) if i hit a lowish card in my window and my opponent(s) window is a high card a raise is almost manditory because they may just let the hand go.

      Just wanted to get some tips from anyone playing razz, either on pre or post flop play.
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    • Jim9137
      Joined: 13.11.2007 Posts: 5,608
      If you show an 8 and raise, everyone knows what you are drawing to - you get reverse implied odds. Also, if you play an (87) to a raise in a multiway pot, you'll quickly notice how you drain your chips away. 87, 86, even 85 are all bad hands to end up with, but in heads-up pots they are usually good.

      Basically, in multiway pots, you should play good and live low hands, but if it's folded to you, 8s are playable. 76 is a marginal case, 75 is already playable in multiway pots. It really depends on the table and the make up too.

      Aggressive tables, you don't really want to get bluffed from the best hands, but it will be hard to read players since they raise so often. Therefore, you might want to play better hands and try to keep yourself on the beat by stealing pots and catching a bluff. LAP tables, you should be valuebetting a lot and folding to reraises if the best hand you can make is already on your board.

      If everyone hits a bad and you hit a good, you should bet it. Never mind if it hits, opponents should fold. If they call, which in some tables they tend to, you need to hit a good and opponen too. Problem is that opponents might be inclined to call one small bet and then see if they improve, and if you notice this a lot from some player, valuebet more, bluff less! :)

      Razz is pretty simple, but it's really hard to get grasp of how marginal the situations you end up really are. I don't really see any reason to cap the third or fourth, because even 875 is in pretty decent shape against A23.