High Expectations To Keep The Motivation

    • doshiindia
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      I've been playing poker for a long time now. Cashed out a few big times, but at one time or another lost all the bankrolls I ever had. Due to bad BRM of course. I'm a winning player at >4PTBB/100 including all my mistakes and plays when I was drunk (yea, I drink a lot :-)).

      I'll try taking poker more seriously from now on and most importantly keeping it out of drunk plays ;-)

      Day 1. Multi-tabling NL2 6-Max.

      Hands played: 987
      PTBB/100: 21

      VPIP: 21
      PFR: 16

      Pretty tight for me, but I'll try to keep with it if it always works like today. Though I usually like to see more like 35/27, or even 80/70 sometimes (works for about 70PTBB/100 but you definitely experience some huge swings).

      BR: $58.23 (+$8.23)

      - - - [HAND OF THE DAY] - - -

      $0.01/$0.02 No Limit Holdem
      6 players

      UTG HERO ($1.00)
      UTG+1 MikeGosi ($5.94)
      CO RismedKyckling ($0.93)
      BTN equityshark ($4.90)
      SB chris130871 ($2.31)
      BB kfish141 ($7.28)
      [MikeGosi posted $0.01]

      Pre-flop: ($0.04, 6 players)
      HERO raises to $0.10, MikeGosi calls $0.09, RismedKyckling calls $0.10, 2 folds, kfish141 calls $0.08

      Flop: 6:heart: Q:spade: Q:diamond: ($0.41, 4 players)
      kfish141 bets $0.41, HERO calls $0.41, MikeGosi raises to $1.02, 1 fold, kfish141 folds, HERO goes all-in $0.49

      Turn: T:spade: ($2.74, 2 players)

      River: A:spade: ($2.74, 2 players)

      Final Pot: $2.61
      HERO shows: Q:heart: K:diamond:
      MikeGosi shows: 6:diamond: 6:club:

      MikeGosi wins $2.61 ( won +$1.49 )
      kfish141 lost -$0.51
      HERO lost -$1.00
      RismedKyckling lost -$0.10
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    • ovechkin91
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      do u play BSS or SSS?
      either way why buyin for 50BB
    • doshiindia
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      I'm playing BSS (which sometimes means bull sh. strategy in my case :-)) and I'm buying in for 100BB already.

      Anyway. I'm having a "perfect" day today.

      The only thing I can do at the moment is to keep c-betting to avoid the non-showdown line to become vertically negative. There's nothing I can do about the showdown line however. I get a fair share of good cards, but every single time either the board goes completely wrong or the other players just don't pay me off.

      Currently -$5.60 for the day. Not over yet though :-)
    • doshiindia
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      Won't play any more today. Did not fully recover from the morning losses, but the day wasn't bad overall. At least I have earned 170MCPs already :-)

      Day 2. Multi-tabling NL2 6-Max.

      Hands played: 552
      VPIP: 24
      PFR: 17

      Overall stats:
      PTBB/100: 11

      BR: $56.86 (-$1.37)

      I couldn't sleep for some time so I logged in to poker for an additional hour, here's the final result for the day:

      BR: $58.22 (-$0.01)

      - - - [HAND OF THE DAY] - - -

      $0.01/$0.02 No Limit Holdem
      6 players

      UTG donGolon007 ($10.28)
      UTG+1 gokal ($0.93)
      CO HERO ($1.94)
      BTN studhilo ($0.52)
      SB speed74 ($3.10)
      BB voulte07 ($2.13)

      Dealt to HERO: A:spade: A:diamond:

      Pre-flop: ($0.03, 6 players)
      2 folds, HERO raises to $0.08, 2 folds, voulte07 calls $0.06

      Flop: 3:club: K:heart: K:diamond: ($0.17, 2 players)
      voulte07 checks, HERO bets $0.10, voulte07 raises to $0.42, HERO folds

      Final Pot: $0.68

      voulte07 wins $0.68 ( won +$0.18 )
      HERO lost -$0.18
    • doshiindia
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      I guess it's the end of this blog as I'm being ripped off by Mansion.

      Read it here:
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