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      hello ppl....huge upswing last evening which ended both my downswing and tilt so thought I should give smth back to the forum (lowering table number & reading some the blogs and fun & off-topic threads helped a lot)

      I'm not sure how y'all react to this thread, but seemed a good idea atm so here goes nothing:

      dollardom: i raised preflop and 24 and J8 calls me?!
      dollardom: respect
      Dealer: Dealing cards
      impale: welcome to low limits
      Netou007: 0.5 raise.... seems such a few!
      dollardom: wonderfull
      mishuq: play level is delightfull on titan ;)
      dollardom: no. best hand wins

      and last night's "piece de resistance"

      Dealer: Dealing Flop
      6d Jd 5c
      Dealer: Dealing Turn
      6d Jd 5c 2h
      Dealer: Dealing River
      6d Jd 5c 2h 6s
      Dealer: tuulevi21 shows Two Pair
      Kh Kc
      Dealer: irishj shows Two Pair
      5h Ts
      Dealer: tuulevi21 wins with Two Pair
      6d 6s Jd Kh Kc $32.01
      thecueist: ?????
      mishuq: dude! you're my menthor <3<3
      thecueist: nh irish T5o
      thecueist: reload ;)
      Dealer: Dealing cards
      thecueist: u do realise u are the worst player online at the moment
      irishj: yep and probably the drunkest
      thecueist: what part of ireland u from
      irishj: southern
      thecueist: what county
      irishj: waterford
      thecueist: ok
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    • LuborC
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      Aaaaaaaw, Waterford.. My girlfriend went for Erasmus there. This guy can't be that bad he's just misunderstood.. :D :D
    • mishuq
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      [quote]Originally posted by mishuq

      thecueist: u do realise u are the worst player online at the moment
      irishj: yep and probably the drunkest

      maybe when he's sober I agree with you though
    • mishuq
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      last night was unusually entertaining at the tables. lmao for 'bout an hour. here's some of the fun stuff

      nemov - very loose aggressive / pkplayer - very tight aggressive

      nemov: ill call for charity
      Dealer: Dealing Flop Qd Tc Jd
      nemov: i have 6 9
      nemov: open strait
      pkplayer: ok I give you free card
      Dealer: Dealing Turn Qd Tc Jd Ac
      pkplayer: ooh
      nemov: u have an ace
      Dealer: Dealing River Qd Tc Jd Ac 4d
      nemov: how much u want?
      nemov: $1?
      nemov(folded to all-in): plz show
      Dealer: pkplayer shows High Card 2h 6c
      nemov: ada boy!!


      nemov: 89 suit
      nemov: clue is they are red
      nemov: what you have?
      nemov: hmm
      nemov: pair
      pkplayer: J Q
      nemov: ooh
      nemov: open ended
      nemov: u shuda raised man
      pkplayer: I'm so tight
      nemov: oooh
      nemov: mines open ended now
      nemov: deserves 80 cent
      nemov: well....i guess i should bluff since i lost
      Dealer: nemov wins with Three of a kind

      fact is he really got himself 2 fishes in that hand...


      Dealer: nazar5 joined the table
      nazar5: alright ladies
      nazar5: x x x
      SpudMurphy1: allright
      nazar5: r u a lady ?
      SpudMurphy1: nope
      SpudMurphy1: do you have a mickey?
      nazar5: whats that
      nazar5: why do u caLL yourself SPUDMURHY ?
      nazar5: r u gay ?
      SpudMurphy1: lmfao .. how may gays do you know called SPUD .. or MURPHY?
      SpudMurphy1: but yeah i am
    • mishuq
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      Kmaldini: I raise
      hardrix: good luck im with you
      hardrix: and i drink red red wine
      hardrix: because im a french drunk
      hardrix: what would you do if I raise?
      Kmaldini: fold, of course!
      hardrix: time
      Kmaldini: you know can exploit
    • mishuq
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      ok. I know some of the (maybe) one reader of this thread isn't really amused of it (I myself find 'missclicks' more fun in e.g) and I considered from the first post the fact that this is actually had-to-be-there funny, but by posting here it sometimes makes it easier to get over bad beats or just clear my head between sessions :)

      I will not post anything new today because a few days ago I turned off table chat to keep myself focused on my game but I will give you this:

      It makes my day every time I see it and...perhaps there still are some people who didn't know about it :P