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Failed ID verification on Mansion

    • doshiindia
      Joined: 08.01.2009 Posts: 28
      Here's what they wrote me after receiving the copy of my passport. The email was sent at 2pm their time (still morning for them?).


      Good Morning
      My name is Lyn and I am contacting you on behalf of the Security department at, with regards to your account
      Thank you for sending in your documents for our verification procedure.
      Unfortunately they cannot be accepted as they were not of the quality we require for our process.


      And here's what I wrote them back.

      Now this is ridiculous. The copy is clearly readable and you can
      perfectly see all the data on it. I had to take the ID verification
      process on to receive the initial $50 you're trying
      to steal from me right now and they accepted the very same copy of my

      I will not send you another copy of my ID.

      I will also not send you neither the utility bill, nor anything else.
      If you need to verify my location because of tax related issues, you
      can check that the IP address I'm playing poker is from (country removed). If it's to avoid multiple account issues you can also check that there's
      no other account on Mansion that would have ever logged in from my IP.
      No collusion has ever happened either.

      I'm not a person to push around with absurd demands. Instead I'm
      contacting the to see if they can claim their $50
      back (I believe they can). I will also lose the rest of my bankroll to
      other players (hopefully to those not on Mansion) with as little rake
      being paid as possible.

      Further more I'm the owner of a local poker website. During the next
      few days I will publish the article containing the very same ID copy
      I've sent you (will black out confidential info) so everyone can
      evaluate by him/her self and judge if it's readable and if you're
      ripping people off or not. Hopefully some of the decent players or at
      least some grinders will change their mind about risking their
      bankrolls to be taken over by Mansion poker.

      That's about it. Have a nice "morning"!


      And the reason I won't do what they tell me is that the next step for them would be to ask for my DNA sample! Will not tolerate this.
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    • doshiindia
      Joined: 08.01.2009 Posts: 28
      I've also reported this issue to We'll see what it brings.

      So for everyone to understand, I'm not angry nor tilting, I just feel that this kind of verification is totally pointless and harmful to other people. They may have rules, but I have my own rules too. I know I didn't do any harm to anyone, I didn't cheat, so I don't see any reason they can't trust me?

      Other thing is how other rooms work. I had created multiple accounts using the same IP and the same full name on PokerStars. A few weeks later I just "somehow" realized this may be against their ToS so what I did is I contacted their support by email. Guess what happened? They let me choose the account I want to keep, then they merged both of them transferring both cash and FPPs to the account I chose. It all took two hours. Sure thing they checked for any possible collusion, fraud, etc. In my case it simply was that I created one free money account, then created another to receive a better bonus for depositing cash, and then won a freeroll on the first account. So I had two accounts with some money on both of them. Stars merged them to the one I had the bonus on, NP at all. No ID verification! And that's because I did not cheat! I did no harm to other players nor to the room, never played simultaneously, etc.

      I had also funded my Titan account some time ago and I wanted to withdraw my money later using other method than I made the deposit with. Their rules say you can't do that. Well again, I contacted their support and it took less than 10 mins to sort everything out and I had my money withdrawn using the new method I asked for, the very next morning. No ID verification again! That's the support. This all happened because the sum of money was too small (~$250) for them to argue with me. Or because of their good mood and good will. And that's the same iPoker network, so Mansion can't possibly get rid of their own responsibility on this. If you can do what you want on Titan, you should definitely be able to do more on Mansion.

      And what is Mansion doing right now? They are absolutely kidding me out of any limits known to human kind. There's no way on Earth I will allow this to be done to me. Mansion is a small little bugger on iPoker. I remember them from when my brother had a sports betting account with Mansion and when he started playing poker on them from the very first day they introduced it (as an independent room). They were good back then. Don't know what happened when they joined the Merge (was it Merge?) network, but now they are absolutely pissing people off on iPoker. This can't last forever I tell you.

    • thunderbird56
      Joined: 02.12.2007 Posts: 2,193
      Hi doshiindia,

      I'm so sorry to hear about this. However, please note that ID verification is a very standard procedure and it can happen at any poker room today. If they cannot accept your copy of ID due to the quality, simply take another copy with better quality. What is the problem to take another copy? You can easily take another copy of your ID unless you stole the ID copy from someone else. You know what I mean?