How is rake killing for you?

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      I played about 12k hands FL 0.5/1 FR on stars
      - the rake was about 1.8BB/100 hands

      Now I moved to Party, where I play FL 0.5/1 SH (8k hands) and
      - the rake is about 3.4BB/100 hands

      That makes huge difference in my winning rate...

      On Stars at FR I played at 1.6BB/hand
      I did not computed rake from MGR, but from rake... so correct one shoudl be
      2.17BB/100 hand

      On Party I have 0.72BB/hand

      If I discount rake I played at
      - stars with 3.4BB/100 hands
      - party with 4.1BB/100 hands

      How do you deal with this? Now I do not mind that much, because I am clearing $500 bonus that gives me 50% rakeback + I will get points to three $100 bonuses... but what after?

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