AK or 44?

    • Ray3zor
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      Which hand would you rather be dealt - Ace, King (suited or unsuited) or a pair of fours? With AK you have the potential for a strong hand. With 44 you have a made hand.

      I know it depends on circumstances - if you're a big stack or short stack, in a full ring game or playing heads up, in a cash game or tournament.

      But as a general rule of thumb which hand would you prefer?

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    • LuborC
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      I like AK more you know two high cards and all.. :D HU is 44 stronger than AK though..
    • viewer88
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      44, because it's so easy to play :tongue:
    • armababy
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      44 preflop

      But generaly they are about same :)
      If you don't hit any of your high top pair you fold on raise.
      And same with 44 if you don't hit set you probably fold it also in 90% of case.
    • darkonebg
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      What kind of question is that?
      AK ofc, since you almost always are ahead of opponents range.
      With 44 all you could hope for is a flip.
      Makes playability way easier.
    • Ka0s
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      AK because you can put pressure and force 44 to fold. But in a multiway (4+) pot I'd like 44 more.

      Did I win anything?
    • adr0001
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      It depends what I'm playing. If I'm playing SSS, tournaments or fixed limit I prefer AK. If I'm playing deep stack NL I prefer 44.
    • vaseka
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      It really depends... for tournaments AK is way better. Its simple to assume that in all in situation with AK is either 50:50 or you are favorite (unless AA or KK are against you) with 44 you are geting either 50:50 or you are way behind!!!

      If you talk about cash games I would really prefer 44 in an avareage multi-way pot!!! the reason is: if you hit ... you hit BIG and in a multi-way pot you get all the action you want. And if you don't its so easy to fold. Two very good reasons to preffer small pocket pairs.

      AK is a very tricky hand.... espasially out of position against more than one oponent. Even if you hit the A or the K and if someone reraise... its so hard to fold the hand but its hard to continue also.... espacially if I play against players like me which would reraise even with second pair (in possition!).