On what tables to play ?

    • armababy
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      Hello guys!

      I just wanted to ask about on what tables i should play in mansion if i picked NL games and i recieved 50$ capital.

      So i first went to look <0.10/0.20 games but all i did found there was 2 tables for 0.05/0.10 (2$ buyin(20blinds) 50$(25 buyins)

      So if there is no tables to play on and even 50$ is not giving me bankroll advised in starting articles witch should be about 30 buyins.

      I checked at mansion for example tons of people go and play on 0.10/0.20 NL tables just because luck of short tables. And it's hard to play on 0.10/0.20 NL tables cause you got only 12 buyins for that and it's easy to go broke fast.

      Might be that i was at hour where all tables are full ?

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