Pokerstars.com is one of the top addresses within the world of online poker, offering a lot of tables for all stakes, great support and perfect software. Getting an account there is free and noncommittal - you will not have to accept any obligations! Plus, you even get a starting capital of $5 from us, PokerStrategy.de.

This guide should help new members to get used to the pokerstars software.

Creating your Account

Step 1: Download the Pokerstars software here.

Step 2: Install the software.

Step 3: Start the software, click on "Lobby" (upper left corner), then "Login" and "Create New Account".

Step 4: Fill out the form. [b]Make sure to give your full and correct details. Otherwise we will not be able to send the $5 to you when you successfully complete the quiz.[/b]

Step 5: Get the email PokerStars sent to you and follow the instructions. In case of any problems, the mail could have been filtered out by spam protection.

Step 6: Register your PokerStars account at PokerStrategy. To do so, click "Register PokerStars Account" in the top left corner of the PokerStrategy main page

Step 7: Carefully study our Beginners strategy section.

Step 8: Take part in our poker quiz to receive your free starting bankroll of $5 at PokerStars.

The central elements of this list are the available tables. The columns give information about :

Table: Name of the table
Stakes: Limit of the bets (beginning at $0.02/$0.04 up to $100/$200)
Limit: Fixed, Pot Limit or No Limit (we just care about fixed limit right now)
Plrs: Number of players (should be 7 or more)
Wait: Number of players in the waiting list.
Avg Pot: average pot size (sum of all bets) at the end of each round
H/hr: Number of hands played per hour (You should prefer a higher number)

In the little window on the right side you can see the players (including their amount of chips) sitting at the selected table.

Above the list of tables, you can choose the type of poker you want to play. We just play Hold'em - nothing else!

In the bottom left corner you will find a clock and a cashier button.

At the tables[/b]

Clicking on an open seat gets you into the game ("Seat Open"). If you are not logged in yet, you will be asked to insert your details. You have to enter the amount you want to bring to the table, that's it. You can simply use the amount Pokerstars recommends.

Decisions will be made by using the buttons found at the bottom. Depending on the situation, you need to use check, call, raise, or fold. The amount you have to spend for your action will be shown on the button. Anyway, get used to the fold button; it will be your best friend soon. ;)

It is also possible to define your next action before it is your turn, like you can see on the next screenshot at the bottom right corner. They are only useful if you want to fold your hand on no matter what. I do not recommend deciding anything before you have to. Analyze the situation and what has happened, then decide. Take your time!

This also counts for posting the blinds. If you want to stay at a table for quite some time, you might want to hook the Auto-post Blinds box. This makes playing a bit more comfortable. But: Analyze frequently, if the table is still profitable and avoid letting your resources run dry.

If you need a break that only lasts a few hands, you can select Sit Out Next Hand. No cards will be dealt to you, so you don't have to post the blinds.

You can use the chat box for a lot more than chatting with other players. You can write notes about the behavior of other players which might be useful whenever you play them again ("Notes"). Additionally, you can check the stats of your session ("Stats"Fixed Limit in the lobby and chose the 2c/4c tables[b]
The Cashier

You can deposit funds - and hopefully withdraw even more, soon - by clicking on the "Cashier

If you want to deposit money to your Pokerstars account, you can do so via credit card, neteller or by getting in contact with Korn - he might help you out if you neither have a credit card nor a neteller account. If you have a credit card or a neteller account you need to click on "buy chipsCash-Out" should be done by using a neteller account. Just click here if you want to find out more about it.
Pokerstars states that it can take up to 24-48 hours before your withdrawal is through their system. According to experience, it will only take a few hours.

The cashier also offers information about current deposit boni. Click on "Check My Bonus Status" to find out more about this topic. Deposit bonus means that you will get an extra bonus, usually 20%, if you deposit funds to Pokerstars. You need to play a certain amount of raked hands for validation.


At the lobby you will also find a menu called Options on the top, offering some useful features:

Muck Losing Hand: Select it. You don't want to show your losing hands to your opponents. Never divulge more information than necessary.

Don't Show Winning hands: Select it. If you win because all your opponents fold, you don't want to let your opponents know what kind of hand you had. Why should they know if you bluffed or not?

Auto Rebuy: Don't select it. You are the only one deciding whether you want to bring more chips at a table or not.

Animations, Sounds and Images: That is up to you. But I can tell you: They get annoying after a while.

4 Color Deck: Turn it on. You will gain a lot more overview because all suits will be shown in four different colors and not just red and black.

Deck Color: Your decision

Block Automatic Tournament Announcements: Better select it. Really annoying after some time.

Instant Hand History Options: A Menu pops up where you should select Save My Hand History. Don't care about the folder. Increase the number of days to 1000+, so that you will be able to use them if you get yourself hooked up with pokertracker some day.

Show Playmoney Tables: Select it.


Pokerstars FAQ

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