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    • LuborC
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      I use number of hands,VP$IP, PFR and AF only. And I only look at them in the early stages, really..
    • igyigyigy
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      don't you use attempt to steal?
    • LuborC
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      Nope. I don't like that value because there are some hands that are obvious steals that are not included in it and some hands that aren't steals that are. So I don't think it is very reliable.
      That does not mean it cannot be used to your advantage it just means that I don't really know how to do that..
    • miskokvo
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      my opininon:

      using stat is so useless at your limit because: (i ques up to 20$BI)
      -tons of bad players who doesnt even know position play,ICM etc
      -you way to often never get nice sample size on your opponent to judge him
      -tons of players
      -using stat became intresting after you start to play 6+ tables at one time
      -yours sample size will be so bad coz of stages of sng ... (late game is pretty loose so those your 200handed stat is no acurate
      and many others....

      so it is -EV for you coz u will make bad decesion

      if you want +EV then just take 3 notes ... fishy loose,tigh,regular multytabler ... those 3 mark definition is far better for you