[b]What is Pokerstove?[/b]

To make a long story short: Pokerstove calculates the probability that a hand might win against another. It is really awesome if you want to analyze your hands later on or if you want to contemplate about possible poker situations.

[b]Where can I get this tool from?[/b]

You can download it here. It is for free, so do not hesitate.

[b]I installed Pokerstove and it is running, but how does it work?[/b]

Let's get started with two examples:

1. QQ vs. 87s (preflop)

You can decide to insert the hand of player 1 and player 2 by keyboard or you can click on the buttons Player1 and Player2RD next to the selected player.

Anyways, your window should look like the following:

Now you need to select the way Pokerstove is supposed to calculate your settings. Enumerate or Monte Carlo. Enumerate uses every possibility and is therefore very accurate, but it might take a while if the situations get more complicated. Monte Carlo just simulates a result by using random values; as a matter of fact it will not be accurate.

For our example we choose Enumerate. A click on Evaluate will start the calculation.

The result will be:
41,095,296 games 0.344 secs 119,463,069 games/sec


equity (%) win (%) / tie (%)

Hand 1: 78.2594 % [ 00.78 00.00 ] { QQ }
Hand 2: 21.7406 % [ 00.22 00.00 ] { 87s }

2. Q:heart: Q:spade: vs 8:club: 7:club: vs Random (Flop: J:club: 9:heart: 2:diamond: )

Irrespective of the fact that we added a third player, you still have to insert the board cards and proceed as normal. It should match with the following:

The number of possibilities is not too large either, so we can select Enumerate.

The result will be:
893,970 games 0.438 secs 2,041,027 games/sec

Board: Jc 9h 2d

equity (%) win (%) / tie (%)

Hand 1: 66.3427 % [ 00.66 00.00 ] { QsQh }
Hand 2: 19.7377 % [ 00.20 00.00 ] { 8c7c }
Hand 3: 13.9195 % [ 00.14 00.00 ] { random }

You have the possibility to influence the calculation by using dead cards. Dead cards are cards which are not in the game anymore. You can not know about cards not in the game if you do not cheat... ;)

[b]What do the percentages mean?[/b]

Pokerstove does not calculate the probability to win the pot. It calculates the Equity. Equity is the amount of the pot, which entitles to you according to the winning chances.
Pokerstove assumes an all-in situation. It divides the number of pots won by the number of all possible events.
The result gives a good hint to how good the own hand might be in different situations.


FAQ on Pokerstove.com
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Written by Stargoose