[b]What is Neteller?[/b]

Neteller is a global business with its head office in Canada, acting as an online money-courier and online portfolio. With Neteller you are able to deposit and withdraw money fast and secure from one poker site to another. You can even buy Pokertracker and Playerview by using your neteller account.

Neteller has an office (incl. call center) in Europe with kind and helpful employees.

[b]How does the registration work?[/b]

Open www.neteller.com with a random browser and click on Open Account. You have to fill out the forms, and within minutes you will receive a mail with a confirmation link to finish your registration. After you are done you will receive a second mail with your log-in data.

Choose Dollar as the currency for your account. Otherwise you will have to pay 1.9% of the transaction value if it is a dollar transaction!

If you have problems inserting your correct telephone number, just insert a random number which consists of 10 figures. When logging in for the first time change your number right away. You can do this by clicking on Options.

[b]How can I certify my Neteller account? Why do I have to do this?[/b]

As an European, you are not able to certify your Neteller account. In order to get the Neteller Card you have to upgrade your account first to Enhanced (you can do that online) and secondly to Premium. You can do that by certifying your bank account. The certification process will be done by a test transaction by Neteller themselves. You have to insert the amount on your bank account at the neteller page.

All details to different Neteller accounts can be found here.

[b]How can I deposit funds?[/b]

You can deposit money via bank transaction or credit card. But it is cheaper to deposit money, if needed, directly to the poker sites and then transferring it to Neteller. You should use Neteller only for transactions from one poker site to another.

[b]How can I withdraw funds?[/b]

You can withdraw money by getting a bar check, the Neteller Card or by a transaction to your bank account. The different possibilities can be found if you click on Withdrawal.

The Neteller Card[b]How much do they charge?[/b]

1. Every exchange from one currency to another will cost you 1.9% of your transaction value.

2. Transactions from one Neteller account to another will cost you 1.9% of your transaction value. The receiver gets charged.

3. Withdrawals via bank transfer will cost $1

4. Withdrawals via check or Neteller-card will cost $2

5. Deposits via credit card will cost 3.9% of the transaction value plus the charge your credit card institute will claim.

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Your PokerStrategy.de Team

Written by Stargoose