Top 250 Promo, Poker platform

    • Dykiller
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      I was wondering what plaform top 10 players or so are playing on in the Top20 Promo each month.

      From what I think, it seems partypoker is the fastest way to get some strategypoint at High lvl.

      Mansion is 2 times faster than PP, but the lack of population make multi-tabling high limits, almost null.

      I mean, Pokerstars seem slow most Hand are raked 2$ at high limit, which is 2VPP = 1strategypoint/hand

      Party = 2$ rake/hand = 4 strategypoints (yes I know it depend on own rake but still)

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    • LuborC
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      Absolutely true in my opinion. I used to play at party now I'm at Full Tilt and I'm earning like half the points for the same play.. So it does not apply only to the high rollers.
      I don't know about Mansion, though..
    • CoreySteel
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      If I remember few months ago, someone said Titan is the most "valuable".
      But as you said.. It differs from platform to platform... A lot!