BRM for Micro Stakes PLO

    • dadude77
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      In the articles it said to always buy to maximum 100bb so you always get the most money in the pot to maximize profit. Well for the .01/.02 games on pokerstars, instead of buying in with $2, the maximum buy in is $5. So do I need $250, or just $100?
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    • darkonebg
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      If you are gonna play deep your variance is going higher.
      However, I dont think you need more than 30 stacks for a limit this low.
      150$ will do fine.
    • Jim9137
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      I think you can make do with just 100 bucks. 80 is probably workable. I think you should buy for maximum if at all possible however, so you should probably stick to over +$150 range. You want to maximize your profits from the loose gamblers who buy in for max, and avoid the nitty short/medium stacks.