Goal: "Bankroll" from 0- 1000$

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      Hello everyone after a long time of not playing from the shadows of online poker:f_eek: , studying hard and after losing my first bankroll in Net Bet:f_confused: having had good results I will start the journey again :s_cool: :s_drink:

      With more hopes than before:s_love: , I think I was out of balance I did not know what I wanted and I had some lack of control and anxiety in my game.:s_tongue: Now I'm going to dedicate a lots of hours to this beautiful art of watching hairs hauling, screaming to the sky and making others hate you for destroying their bankroll that we like so much !!!:s_drink: :s_drink:

      That's why I'll be uploading live matches in twich and youtube videos (in the future),:s_drink:

      Http://www.twitch.tv/srgoodman00 at 10 or 11pm GMT (UTC) -05: 00 hrs.

      A hug to all my pokerstrategy mates !!!:s_cool:

      "Bankroll Stacking"

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