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Me as a poker player.

    • BuffaloBill333
      Joined: 10.12.2016 Posts: 27
      Welcome fellas!

      In this thread I want to talk about me in poker, who I am at the tables and where I want to come up.

      I have to start saying in wich level I am. My first ever poker book was "Hold'em wisdom" by Daniel Negreanu, and it was a good read. The book is easy to read and it has a lot of useful information. I think I couldn't find a better first poker book. It explains the basics of the game and teaches how to manage yourself in the poker world.

      After that pleasent read I started with "Play poker like the pros" by Phil Hellmuth, which helped me a lot as well. The book I am currently reading is "Harrington on Hold'em I" by Dan Harrington; this one is good...really good.

      I watch the whole "Everything poker" series on youtube and tons of training videos as well. I realized that the way to the success is learn the fundamentals (the basic strategy, math and psychology) and then adquiring knowlege of the intermediate and advanced play. It is like the Harrington books: the Volume I is the basics, the Volume II is making moves and the Volume III is the expert strategy.

      So I decided to take a poker course at, with Alton Hardin as instructor. The course is called "Crush MicroStakes Poker".

      That brigns us to the next topic: which games I'm playing?
      So, I knew that I had to dominate the fudndamentals, gain experience and THEN go harder. This poker course I'm talking about tought me how to start in the poker world.

      So, what I did was put $60 in TitanPoker, so I could play 2NL.
      The classes helped me a lot, and now I'm about to finish the course. But there's a lot to learn yet. Now I understand the fundamental pre flop play, and I'm learning the fundamental post flop play. I'm playing since november, and right now I have $80 in my account :D .

      What kind of player I am?
      The poker course is designed to teach you how to play as a TAG (Tight-Agressive), and I think is the best way to play at the very micro stakes such as 2NL, 5NL and 10NL. It is because playing that way, you're going to make a lot of money. It is essentialy waiting for the good hands, playing strong ranges and getting paid off.

      At 2NL all the way up to 10NL there are not going to be a lot of good players, most of them are NITs or absolute fishes. Betting for value, whether pre-flop or post-flop, is all you have to do to play profitable. And that works because you're alwas playing against beginners which do not have a good understanding of the game. So in the stakes I'm currently playing I have to play a very basic poker.
      The ideal HUD stats for a TAG are: VPIP: 21; PFR: 18.
      My actual HUD stats are: VPIP: 21; PFR: 14.

      So...I'm always going to be a TAG?
      I'm not going to lie, at those stakes it's very easy to make money. The thing is I do not want to play a basic poker. I know I'm going to move up in the stakes and at the time I will have to play a smarter poker. By smarter I mean not only betting for value but also betting as a bluff and to balance my ranges.
      I have to say for me THAT is the real poker (the medium-higher stakes). Waiting for the goods and get paid off is a good idea, but it seems very boring.

      Which kind of player I want to become?
      I want to be a good LAG, because it's just the way I naturally play poker. I know I have to play Tight-Agressive at the micros beacuse that's how you win the money, but with the time and the good results I'm going to learn a lot more about the LAG style and I will adquire as MY style.

      The reality is that I have played just a few hands (3,000 is not much if I'm playing online), BUT I am getting results and I'm very happy about how my bankroll is going. I'm currently playing at 2 tables at the same time and my goal (and roof) is to play at 4 tables. I'm also using HM2 which is good, comfortable and easy to use.

      TitanPoker is a nice room, it is full of fishes but you also can find some very good players (like Acider333, sedgley or TheHarleyQuinn). My goal is to reach the $1,000 ASAP, so I'll have to play a lot from now on. The next stake is 4NL so when I reach $120 (30 buy-ins) I will make the jump.

      So that's enough for this thread. In the next one I'm going to talk about how do I approach the tournaments and the MTT play and how far I want to go in that kind of poker. Thanks for your time and I'll be glad to hear your opinion.
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    • AgapieGheorghe
      Joined: 10.07.2011 Posts: 1,524
      Hi BuffaloBill333 :f_drink: Good luck on your journey !

      If u finish the course and apply all the things i´m sure you gona beat the first to limits really fast. You find the same info the course gives you here on Pokerstrategy for free also.

      Waiting for the goods and get paid off is a good idea, but it seems very boring.
      It is boring for a NIT i think to play poker but for you as 21/14 ( you call to many hands and not raising enough ) shouldn´t be boring and if you master the preflop ranges you can always add another table so you can have more action.

      Have a nice week !
    • BuffaloBill333
      Joined: 10.12.2016 Posts: 27
      Thanks!!! And yes, I have noticed that I call my opponents' raises frequently.
      I know that facing an OR in front of me I have to apply the GAP concept, and I have constructed some cold-calling ranges. So against weak ranges I should 3-bet more often with my playable hands.

      Anyways I'd like to loosen up my ranges in the future.

      Thanks a lot!!!
    • SDK1987
      Joined: 12.11.2008 Posts: 38,990
      That’s a nice introduction of you blog. How is everything going since you have started your blog last week?

      Further I wish you the best with improving your game :gl: