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Charity Project "Shipit4Kids" - Building a Youth Centre in Nepal with YOUR help! [5k€ to go]

    • BubbleNedRum
      Joined: 13.02.2011 Posts: 4,173

      Hey Guys,

      we are poker players from Innsbruck, Austria and have decided two years ago to start giving something back after realizing how privileged we are in our daily life, in which we don't have to fear for our future, our next meal or our social security.
      For this reason we founded the Charity Organisation "Shipit4Kids" and were able to collect 18.000$ mostly in the german speaking forum of pokerstrategy and supported the building of a therapy centre for children with disabilities in Nicaragua. Please find the pictures from the successful project below.

      We started now our second project in which we would like to raise 20.000€ with your help for the construction of a youth-centre in Nepal.
      So far we were able to collect over 11.000€ from 60+ donators and with our website finally being in english we also wanted to reach out to the english speaking poker community.

      :heart: Who are we? :heart:

      As I mentioned, we are all located in Innsbruck and some more and some less known poker players.
      Out of our group you might now "12dürma89" on stars, as well as Phillippe / "I Visor I", Daniel playing as "monzemann" or the former pokerstrategy coach and hand evaluator (also in the english speaking forum) "tiltberger"
      In order to introduce us and our motivations, as well as the project itself we recorded a video. Please make sure to turn on the english subtitles:

      :heart: What is "Shipit4Kids"? :heart:

      As I said earlier, for our first project we managed to raise 18.000$ mainly in the german speaking poker community over, where we are having a blog with 13k posts and one of us used to be a coach (Florian / "fishisfriend").
      Our vision was to reach the maximal utility with the amount of money that we are able to raise and found a wonderful project in Nicaragua, where this was a given.
      We put up the money for the rebuilding of a therapy-centre for children with disabilities on the vulcano island of Ometepe, after the former therapy-centre was located in a side wing of the local hospital without electricity or running water, after being left alone from the organization which provided them with money previously.
      The project turned out to be very successful, with the therapy-centre beautifully constructed and the training of local physiotherapists is now finished, who took over the facility.
      Here are some pictures of the development:

      :heart: What is the new project about? :heart:

      After a long search we decided to support the construction of a youth-centre in Nepal, which is located inside a SOS Childrens-Village.
      As you know, Nepal was hit by a devestating earthquake last year, with far-reaching consequences until this day.
      Teenager who have lost their parents because of the earthquake are getting prepared for an autonomous and independent life in the youth-centre.
      Additionally the youth-centre will support the nearby city Butawal as an educational institution.
      When the juveniles are moving into the youth-centre new spaces are going to be available in the actual Childrens-Village as well.
      Like during the last project, we will be able to provide pictures of the construction.

      :heart: How can I donate? :heart:

      We set up a donation page (which unfortunately is in german only), where you can donate money directly to the project via payment option like credit card or internet banking:

      But to make it easier for you, you can also donate via Skrill, Neteller, PayPal or Pokerstars-Transfer:

      Neteller: 450924001342
      Pokerstars: I Visor I

      According to our philosophy we promise that 100% of the money donated will reach the project directly.
      Any additional costs like transaction costs or website maintenance are going to be paid by ourselves.

      :heart: What can be donated and until when? :heart:

      We put the timeframe of the project until the end of January 2017 so that you can not only support us with direct donations, but also by giving percentages of your poker winnings in a certain time frame.
      I don't have to mention the massive karma boost your are going to experience!
      Examples of such donations might be:
      "I am going to donate 15% of my winnings until the end of January" or "I am going to donate my rakeback from the month of January" or something like that.

      If you would like you can also support us by using our logo as you avatar on the various poker sites:

      :heart: Any further questions? :heart:

      Our website is also in english, where additional information on the current or the finished project can be found:

      We are obviously also having a facebook-page, where you are invited to have a look at and give us a like:

      For any further questions please leave them in the posts below or contact us directly via facebook or a PM on here.

      Thank you for considering to help us and remember: Every Cent Counts!
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    • la55i
      Joined: 27.01.2013 Posts: 8,350
      Hi BubbleNedRum,

      I appreciate that you want to help others. Unfortunately our policy has been that we do not allow soliciting for charities here nor do we allow any kind of private transactions between members. This is to protect our members. I hope you understand.
      You mentioned that you have been running this project successfully in another community so I will forward this to one of our head admins to decide. Meanwhile your post will stay hidden from public view.

    • BubbleNedRum
      Joined: 13.02.2011 Posts: 4,173
      That is very unfortunate to hear la55i.
      I can understand your concerns, even though your action does not quite add up with the policy of
      In the german forum we are allowed openly to promote our cause.
      But not only that, in the last two weeks there was an official news from the german department of pokerstrategy, a interview was published in the news section and we held two official pokerstrategy coachings over twitch.
      Our previous project was even actively supported by pokerstrategy with little packages our donators could win with pokerstrategy pens and cards and even these little bathtub-ducks.

      You can find the news with the interview and concerning the coaching here:


      We would be really, really happy and thankful if would not stand in our way of trying to make the world a slightly better place.
    • la55i
      Joined: 27.01.2013 Posts: 8,350
      I have forwarded this thread and we will have a decision tomorrow. I'll keep you updated.
    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,024
      Hey BubbleNedRum,

      As you have been running this project in DE for three years with positive results, we have decided to restore your thread. Whether the thread is allowed in is irrelevant as all our communities are independently run and all have different forum principles.

      As an English language site, we are more susceptible to spamming and scamming so as a result we generally have a no tolerance policy to any soliciting of money. However, we will view this as an exceptional circumstance.


    • AlvisR
      Joined: 27.02.2009 Posts: 706
      Finally i know where i have seen this logo "Ship it 4 Kids" (Pokerstars micros players using it) And its been there for year+ AFAIK.

      Go go guys!
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,204
      Well done guys! I just ran a small freeroll and charity staking on a different website and managed to raise over €200 for a charity here in Ireland. I will keep you guys in mind if I run something similar in the future.

      If I manage to win some dollars over the course of this month I will gladly send a donation :)

      Best of luck!
    • BubbleNedRum
      Joined: 13.02.2011 Posts: 4,173
      Thanks for your kind words guys - I just came back from vacation, so I can give you a quick update:

      With two weeks left we have managed to raise now 13.593€ and only 6.5k€ to go.
      Again, if you would like to support us, every donation, no matter if large or small can help us create something amazing.

      One of us is currently at/on/in the Bahamas and was trying to convince Aaron Paul to play with our badge :f_biggrin:
      Unfortunately he said he couldnt, but was at least available for a picture :f_thumbsup:

    • BubbleNedRum
      Joined: 13.02.2011 Posts: 4,173
      We extended the donation period a little bit, unfortunately it does not seem that we reach 20k :(
      It is a bit sad that there is zero support from the english-speaking community. We put a lot of effort in firstly getting the webpage to allow multiple languages and then translating into english.
      Are there any particular reasons for it? Is it trust issues or is the project for which money is collected not interesting enough?