I just started. Again! 50 USD. Not so much, but enough to play poker. With this amount of money i cant play at high limit. I,m playing no-limit texas holdem 02/04. In the past i lost some money trying to play higher limits. Did u heard about bankrol management?... LOL - What a question? Here?.. Here all are experts.... Anyway... In theory, its about how high u can play starting from an certain amount of money. If u think that this is just a theory, it,s your first mistake... Te truth is that you will lose the money if you will try to jump too high. I know few bestsellers and a movie with a guy who became rich in few hours playing poker. But it,s just a book and a movie. The reality is different. I know a wise chinese proverb. It says: We hear about big people from the time when they were just a little! Take it easy. Step by step.
In this time, i earned already 1,45 usd. Now my sold it is 51,45.