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      Poker Ace HUD, just like Playerview or Gametime+, is a tool used to display available stats about your opponents on the table as an. In fact, this program displays the stats you gathered by using Pokertracker. Pokertracker is a must-have if you want to use Poker Ace properly.

      Download at http://www.pokeracesoftware.com/.

      Poker Ace is not for free anymore. You are able to download a 30 days trial version that only works for one table at a time.

      The full version costs $25. You have to register on the Poker Ace Homepage. You may use paypal, credit card, neteller or moneybookers as payment methods.

      [b]Is there a free alternative?[/b]

      Yes, there is. But it does not have the same functional range and it uses lots of resources. But in the end, the free Gametime+ provides the same thing.

      Download and further information

      [b]How do I have to configure my Poker Ace HUD?[/b]

      After installing and starting Poker Ace HUD, you have to do some settings. Simply click on options and choose preferences.

      General: Choose Enable Pop Up Stats to get additional information by clicking on the player name while playing.

      Filters: Minimum Required Hands can be set to 10. Show stats from current limit might only be useful on high limits because the players change their type of game quite often. The same counts for PlayerRanges. Especially for play who play full-ring as well as short-handed tables, you will have to adjust this setting. Use 7-10 for full ring and 2- 6 for short handed.

      Refresh rates: No changes needed.

      Poker Sites: You have to enter the installation folders for all the poker sites you are playing at.

      Databases -> Hold'em: Choose all Pokertracker databases available in order to bring as much information as possible to the table. Most of you probably have just one database anyways.

      [b]Where do I get reasonable layouts for Poker Ace HUD?[/b]

      Poker Ace HUD Layouts should not be mixed up with the layouts for PartyPoker / Pokerstars table layouts, which you can download here and here. Thus, Poker Ace HUD layouts only satisfy the need to display the statistic values on the table. They should work with any background graphic.

      Personally, I don't like my tables to be overloaded with stats, for that matter I only allow important values to be displayed on the tables right away. All other, i.e. less relevant, values can be accessed by clicking on the specific opponent's name.

      You can download the layouts I prefer here:

      Pokerstars: http://www.pokerstrategy.de/layouts/pokerace_stars.zip
      PartyPoker: http://www.pokerstrategy.de/layouts/pokerace_party.zip

      [b]What do the different numbers tell me?[/b]

      I will not go into detail with all the statistic values. This would go beyond the scope of this thread. So let's keep it short and sweet:

      The colouring of the values is supposed to be as intuitively as possible. It varies from red to green. Red, for instance, would mean that a player is very tight and aggressive. On the other hand green represents looseness and passivity. Optimal values are displayed orange.

      The two averages of the whole table are shown in the upper left corner at Pokerstars and in the upper middle at PartyPoker:
      VP$IP: Voluntarily put money in the pot. The numbers of players who have see the flop in average (per cent).
      PFR%: Pre-flop Raise rate

      Values of your opponents:

      Above the name from left to right:
      VP$IP: Voluntarily put money in the pot. The percentage of how many hands your opponent is willed to pay money on playing them.
      PFR%: Pre-flop Raise rate.
      Total Hands: The amount of hands you have recorded for this specific player.

      Below the name from left to right:
      Total Aggression post Flop: Can be calculated from raise % + bet % / call %. This is an indicator of how aggressive / passive your opponent plays post flop.
      Went to Showdown %: The percentage of hands your opponent is playing all the way to the showdown.

      If you are using the expert version you will find a third row with the following information from left to right:

      Attempted to Steal: How often your opponent tried to steal the blinds if he could.
      Folded BB to Steal: How often your opponent folded his big blind to a steal.

      For all people who want to analyze their own stats, the following link to the 2+2 board is probably pretty interesting: Compiled Small Stake Stats

      Caution: Most values recorded by Pokertracker (thus displayed by Poker Ace) are subject to fluctuations due to statistical variance and will only be significant if you have more than 1000 hands. VP$IP and PFR% already offer reliable information with pretty small sample sizes.

      [b]How does the Layout Manager work?[/b]

      The Layout Manager is pretty much self-explanatory. You can create a specific layout for every poker skin and table size you are playing. Simply choose appropriate values, visible or invisible, and position them on the table. You can set a colour range on the right hand side. Just give it a try... ;)

      Some useful Tips:

      Trading layouts only works by using the Import and Export functions. Choose a layout you want to import or export, then click on File -> Import / Export and choose a saving folder or the layout supposed to be imported.

      If you want to create your own layout or you want to change an existing layout, you do not have to change all seats one by one, because you can copy the layout of a single seat.
      Edit -> Duplicate Player Seat and Edit -> Duplicate Layout, are very useful if you don't want to spend tons of time on this topic.


      Pokerace Homepage
      One of the several threads at the 2+2 boards relating to this topic

      Please feel free to post feedback to this article. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

      Your PokerStrategy Team

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