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    • tlLome
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      I would like to request, particularly for the lower levels, some videos of $1.00 SNGs and .05/.10 tables, as that is where most of us starting with the $50 start up are playing, as per the "bankroll management" information provided on the site.

      These levels are filled with SNG's where almost every player limps in to every hand while the blinds are low.

      How do you play when almost every hand gives you odds to limp in? Or when people will call your 3x blind raise with almost anything they've limped with?

      While instructors are talking about the difficulty of playing 1/2 blinds, imagine the struggle for those of us trying to play properly with the fish and donkeys at the lower levels.

      I feel these levels require a different style of play and I'd love to see some of the instructors here show us how to play them profitably.

      I think this would be exceptionally useful for new members and those of us playing with a very small bankroll.


      (P.S. Love hassenbraten but I'm happy to have anyone take up the challenge)
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    • pokerstoker
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      I'll agree with you on that. There should be more SnG videos. What we have are great, but the more the merrier, and knowledge is power. It gives some vet a good reason to beat out some donks in SnG's as well. I'm sure many would appreciate those who will contribute such videos.
    • Kimber88
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      I think you're coming up with a really good idea here. If you speak a little german you might be able to get som good from videos in the german section. There are tons of vids there.
    • LuborC
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      Hi tlLome,

      I think you bring an excelletn point. I also think that we could use some more SNG videos and aparently Pokerstrategy thinks the same so there should be a couple videos on their way right now..
      I've also noticed a couple things in your post I'd like to mention. Maybe you just ment to say something else and it just came out wrong but maybe i could help you a little bit with this so here we go:

      How do you play when almost every hand gives you odds to limp in?
      This should not even concern you. Even though you can make some profit playing a hand when you have the right odds you also make profit when you don't play it because people on these limits tend to bust each other out very quickly so that you stack gains in value even though you do nothing. That is why you should not worry about the odds and just play very tight like the articles say..

      Or when people will call your 3x blind raise with almost anything they've limped with?
      When someone limped you can't raise to 3BB. Then they will definitely almost always call you. You raise to 3BB + 1BB per limper. That means with BB 50 and two limpers you raise to 150 + 2x50 = 250. If you have good enough hand to raise with that is, obv..

      Anyway if some of these things you really don't completely understand you should reread the articles. There's no shame in it I reread them a couple of times already myself..

      Good luck at the tables,
    • tlLome
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      Thanks Lubor,

      I do understand those concepts, and I play super tight early on, premium hands only etc. and am starting to have some success in my SNGs.

      Early on, however, it was very confusing to me to try and figure out when I worry about odds etc. versus when I just play premium hands and at what point I switch from playing super tight to playing looser, as well as how much looser to get and when.

      This also changes with super turbos etc (which is all PP seems to have at the micro levels)

      While I'm having success at one location I signed up at, I am not having the same success at turbo games, which has resulted in me playing mostly on my other account (and sadly not gaining Poker Strategy points, as I didn't sign up through here)

      I think that it would have been very helpful to people like me, early on, who learn better from seeing rather than reading, to have some videos available for the levels I am playing and I think those videos would still be beneficial to me to help look at any leaks I have.

      BTW, I also do raise 3BB + 1BB per limper :) That was simply bad phrasing on my part.