Question about Titan TAF

    • Skinner3555
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      Hi...I received my 50$ TAF payout to Titan...I tought I can withdraw it instantly, because its a fairly earned Tell-a-friend money...not a no-deposit bonus...and guess what they say I need to acumulate 1000+ points to clear it!
      Whata nonsence is this? And why it isnt mentioned nowhere on pokerstrategy?
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    • CoreySteel
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      I think TAF is player-to-player transfer, so there should be no withdraw policies.
      Did you make any deposits before on Titan?
    • andrewkd
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      Not 100% sure, but i think you'll find that it works the same as the initial $50 deposit you get from PS, only instead of 2500 points, its only 1000.

      I wouldn't complain about it too much, 1000 points doesn't take all that long to make. geez you can make easy 5-10 points per hour per table playing .05/.10 limit