[B]The PartyPoker VIP Program[/b]


PartyPoker offers a VIP deal for frequent players. Regarding this, you will find all necessary information in here.

  • You have to produce at least $1500 rake if you want to participate.
  • Every player gets exactly one VIP Bonus Deal.
  • The amount of the bonus is approximately 10% of your produced rake.
  • The bonus in one month is based upon the values of the previous month. If you beat the target, your rate will increase.


In order to register for the VIP Program, send a mail with following content to dominik@pokerstrategy.de:

Subject: VIP Program

Last Name:
First Name:
PartyPoker Account:
Email @ PartyPoker:
Telephone number:
Anticipated rake per month:

I confirm that I registered to PartyPoker using PokerStrategy.de's bonus-code.

All registrations will be collected till the end of each month and sent to PartyPoker. Acceptance of the deal depends on your activity at PartyPoker.