Turning the endless deposits into endless withdrawals - Get rich or die trying

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      Hi Pokerstrategy!

      I'm Jay, and i've been playing poker since 2012ish on a recreational level in my spare time. I recently decided to quit depositting, and then just degenerating my way up by sitting with my whole roll at a time, without no actual goal and then going busto, over and over again.

      I decided to read abit here and there, and just came across this wonderful site last night. I figured this could be a very great motivation for me, to start printing instead of burning money, so here I am!

      Will try to throw an short update here after every session, and whatever else i feel like sharing here.

      I will (hopefully) be running it up from the buttom on the 6max NL cashgames on Pokerstars.

      Starting Bankroll - 50$
      Goal - 1000$

      I dont know what more to write for now, so i will cut it here.
      Cya at the tables :)
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