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      :diamond: Casual Bankroll Building :diamond:

      :spade: Intro

      I've started and not followed through a few blogs now . I've recently just moved from Cambridge (England) to Swansea (Wales) I have a bit of time on my hands now i'm settled in. I've played poker casually for about 5 years in total been a loosing player for the most part of it. I enjoy the game and if I can bank a few hundred $ a month from it then I'm pleased!

      :spade: Plan

      I'll be starting with a BR of $50 at 2NL 6-Max. I'lll move up when i have 25BI for 5nl and go from there, May be sooner or later depending on how confident i'm feeling with my game. I have a lot to learn and to re-familiar myself with. I've almost forgotten how to play completely so I'll be a nit/fish to begin with no doubt!

      :spade: Bankroll

      Starting Bankroll - $50
      Current Bankroll - $92

      Starting Limit - 2nl
      Current Limit - 2nl
      Current Winrate - 55.1/100bb

      Wish me luck!
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