Thinking about moving my bankroll

    • AquamanBT
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      I'm thinking about moving my bankroll (or part of it) to Cake Poker, to take advantage of the rakeback and bonus offers. I have been playing in Stars, and I checked the rake I've paid so far and it is more than half my earnings since I started. It is certainly a whole lot. And yes, I earn points in their VIP program, but so far I've only got a lousy cap that doesn't even fit. As the VIP program is replacing rakeback, the cap has cost me $86... LOL!

      I am a micro/low sng player that at most play 3-4 tables simultaneously. Could anyone give me a brief review? Is it that soft that you wouldn't need any tracking stats (trackers are not allowed)?
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    • slikec
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      Cake have really low number of players. I am there 3 days only but max. was so far 5,6k yesterday around 24.00CET. Now is weekend will be probably better but lets say now there are only 4,6k players ;( and 676 tables open lol. I played yesterday some SNGs you have to wait a lot to play 4 of SNGs same type(lets say 4 of 5+0,5$ normal ones 10players). I must say i am a bit dissapointed about number of players. I play to little time to say about skill level.

      But if you plan to play when americans play i think you should go there;(
    • tlLome
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      It's a decent idea, nice first deposit bonus and 33% rakeback is good, while it is slow there at times the huge fishies make up for it. For that matter some of the maniacs will do nicely working your bonus off for you.