mistake by party poker??

    • Tklimas
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      The 50$ bonus:

      You have 90 days to collect 300 basic PartyPoints (without multiplier) otherwise the bonus expires and you lose the $50 (or what is left of it)
      The bonus will expire if you make a deposit yourself, or if at any point in time you have less than $1 in your account.

      I had a huge downswing from 140$ to 50$ in my account. But partypoker was taking money from "Restricted" and at one point I didn't have 1$ in my "restricted" account. And the bonus is now gone. That is a big mistake by Party Poker. Can you do something about it? Because I won't have a chance to get 100$ more. I am sure PartyPoker can check that. I didn't make any deposits by my self or so.

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