AK preflop (beginner's BSS question)

    • teslainis
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      I am thinkink to start playing acording to BSS and have few questions about how to play AK.
      1. As I understand AK should be folded whenever there is 2 raises in front or 1 raise behind (asuming I always enter with raise)?
      2. What to do when there is 1 raise, I have to reraise (according to charts) and opponent reraises even more or goes all-in. Is this like raise behind and I should fold?

      Thanks for answers.
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    • straddler71
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      I don't play bss but here is what I would do. Number 1 seems like the right fold to me. After a raise and a reraise chances are the reraiser has a high pocket. As for number 2 if your up against another big stack I think I would fold it because if you don't hit anything on the flop then what do you do. I don't know if thats right to fold though suppose you could call and see a flop and try and hit one of your cards. Chances are your behind anyways. If your up against a small stack I think I would call. Only hand you don't want to be up against is AA, even against KK you still have outs to the ace. Hope this helps.