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      Ok so I got my starting capital this morning and have played solid multi tables at 0.05/0.010 with a $2 buy in on each.

      As far as game time and profit are concerned see below.

      Game time: 4 hours total play. (including breaks)

      Starting capital: $50

      Profit: $28.35

      End session total: $78.35

      Some stats from this session:

      During current Hold'em session you were dealt 147 hands and saw flop:
      - 19 out of 31 times while in big blind (61%)
      - 13 out of 30 times while in small blind (43%)
      - 19 out of 86 times in other positions (22%)
      - a total of 51 out of 147 (34%)

      Judging by these stats alone I think I did quite well at these limits because it's not easy to build up a decent profit at these stakes.

      Your thoughts are welcome.... if any.
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