Hello everyone. So I installed PT3 for one main reason - pop up stats are way too slow in elephant and I can't afford to wait 5-10sec each time to make a decision while I'm playing at 6 or more tables. And my quesiton is following: can I manualy import hand historys from elephant if I already made auto-import from my partypoker hand directory. There were only 10k hands from 120k which are in elephants database. So can I manualy transfer those hands if I don't want errors and duplicates to appear? I'm confident that those 10k hands are included in elephants databse too. Will PT3 sort everything out by itself or I need to manualy waste a lot of time picking packages of hands one by one so errors and duplicates don't appear?

There might be threads about this but after I overlooked 3 pages didn't find any. Don't be disturbed by it.

Thank you very much!