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      Good afternoon everyone and welcome to my first ever blog entry!

      The reason i am writing this blog is because..............well I will get to that shortley.

      About me

      My name is Gareth and I am 33 years of age with a young family currently living in the uk with a steady day job. I have had an interest of playing poker ever since my grandad taught me how to play card games in my early teenage years. I have found poker to be the most interesting game of mind and theory which really grabbed my attention. I suppose you could say that during my 20's i was interested and played poker but never really understood it in depth but for the last 6 months i have started studying hard with hand reviews and also employing a coach. I used to play a lot on Pokerstars which i wasn't seeming to be able to beat tough fields and this is where my coach stepped in and asked why i was not trying the smaller sites as they would be softer? I thought to myself ok why not give 888 and ACR a shot. So to my surprise i certainly found these sites a lot softer and yielded results straight away. I do still play on Pokerstars but find it hard to make results due to tough fields. I have also become very interested in the Twitch world of streaming live poker, which brings me onto why i have made this blog.

      Streaming deal

      So recently I have set up my own Twitch account and thought why not try bit of streaming for fun. After a few streams and a final table made on 888 i found i really enjoyed streaming and it seemed to bring out my inner focus in gameplay. If you do not know about Twitch it is also a very good avenue for poker sites to advertise themselves as their is a lot of traffic which runs trough the big twitch streamers like Jamie Staples & Kevin Martin to name a couple who i really enjoy watching. So with this in mind i contacted a few of the well less known poker sites to see if they wanted to team up with me and make a deal streaming on there behalf. If I'm honest with myself i was not expecting to get much response and true to form email after email came back with rejections, but then a miracle!!! A very nice chap from BET VICTOR emailed me back for a chance to discuss a deal!!!!! I was more than happy to listen to what he had to say. A couple of hours later we managed to make a deal for me to be staked for an initial 1 month to stream BET VICTOR POKER online and a couple of other affiliate things thrown in. I couldn't believe it to be honest being stacked from a reputable company like that is a dream come true really for however long it lasts. This is a real chance for me to make something for me and my family and i intend to grasp it with both hands!!!

      What you can expect from this blog

      The deal kicks off on the 21st February and will last for 1 month initially to be reviewed so i will talk about my experiences going through and see if i can keep the dream going, wish me luck!!!

      If anybody would like to view the stream just click the link and hit the follow button, i appreciate any support Link Text...

      See you all soon!
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