How many tables do you play?

    • dandycal
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      Hi. I was just wondering how many tables the other fellow poker students are playing as they move up limits.

      I have recently moved up to NL25 and I'm starting to use the Elephant stats. In NL10 I played up to 10 tables in Pokerstars (which has a pretty low hands/hour avg and a lot of time for players to act). Now I went down to 7/8 tables but I found many leaks in my game due to lack of attention, like folding perfectly good hands in good position (very much -EV!).

      Not being able to use the "preferred seat" feature (becasue of stats) is also getting me a little confused at the tables.

      It seems best that I go down to 4/5 tables that I can easily manage and then increase that slowly.

      Any comments or similar experiences?

      EDIT: Btw, I play SSS.
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