Confused with A,K in SSS

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      Hi all,

      In NL 0.05/0.10, I was dealt A,K in late position. No-one had raised in front of me, so I raised 4x BB. All players fold except the BB, who calls.

      I have 'Trash' after the flop (which is 3h, 8h, Jd), but because I only have one opponent, I make a continuation bet of about two thirds of the pot. So, my first question is, is this correct?

      The big blind calls my continuation bet (so now I am on guard) and after the Turn, I still have Trash.

      I check and the BB also checks.

      On the River comes a King, giving me a pair of Kings with an Ace kicker and no overcards on the deck. (This is a made hand, if I've understood right).

      The BB now bets $1.46 and I go All-in ($1.47). The BB calls $0.01.

      On the showdown the BB shows three of a kind, Jacks (so in fact he flopped three of a kind).

      So my second question is, if a Trash hand becomes a made hand should you bet on it or fold it?

      If I did the right thing and just got unlucky, no problems. I'm worried I might be misunderstanding the SSS, though.

      Thanks for any help.
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