Problem with PT3 on partypoker SH tables

    • Zenith88
      Joined: 12.07.2008 Posts: 65
      When I play the SH tables on partypoker the stats from the HUD are not aligned below the players' names and i can't find any settings to fix this. I remember it used to work last summer, and it works fine on full tilt and also the FR tables at party. I looked on the PT forum but i can't find any thread about this problem. Do any of you experience the same issues or do you know of a fix for this?
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    • zubrils2
      Joined: 21.08.2008 Posts: 45
      I have the same problem. I bought my PT3 for 1kppp(it's only can be used playing in partypoker) but I don't think that makes a difference. I have tryed to find some kind of option to fix this but I failed to do it so far.

      Playing tournaments HUD stats r even mixed up. I mean they r below wrong poeple so u have to put them in the right order by urself. But this could be because I played 6max cash tables at the same time so HUD stats r set for SH table.