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What to do as small blind?

    • Tim64
      Joined: 02.11.2008 Posts: 8,028
      Hi all,

      Playing NL 0.05/0.10, I'm often faced with a decision whether to call .05 to see the flop when in small blind with hands that you wouldn't raise with according to the starting hands chart (e.g. low pp or suited connectors or, say, Q,Jo).

      It's seems tempting to pay a relatively small amount to see the flop in these cases, but does it depend on any other factors? Or should you just never limp in as SB in SSS?

      Sometimes I do limp in as SB and, if it's just me and BB in the pot, if BB is not short stacked, he often raises me and I suspect that, knowing I am on SSS, he is just trying to buy the pot. Maybe he knows I'll only call his raise pre-flop if I already have a very strong hand (and he assumes, correctly, that I don't - since I would have raised if I had.) When this happens I fold and then curse myself for just wasting another $0.05! Does this maybe mean you shouldn't limp in as SB unless someone else has already limped in?

      Any thoughts?
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