[NL2-NL10] freeplay on NL10

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      I had in my last session 3 hands in a row that made me consider asking for help
      I will not post the hands because I can't use elephant on that site and, as an overall, the case was simple enough to put it in a few lines:
      - all 3 tables were full ring and nothing but fishes that allways rebuy to the max
      - there was not even 1 SSS player at those 3 tables (except for me)
      - I won a hand or several at each of those tables and I was waiting to sit out

      the hands:
      1) K5o in BB, 6 limpers (yeah, I know!!!) and freeplay got me a J55 flop
      2) 89o in BB, 4 limpers and 884 flop
      3) 53o in BB, 7 limpers and 246 rainbow flop

      I won't write here how I played them, only if you'll consider this strictly necessary, but I will mention I won the first 2 hands and I only got to showdown in hand (3) were I split pot with some guy that couldn't find the "fold" button for his A8o while turn and river brought made flush on the table

      I didn't make mistakes and didn't slowplay flop + bet pot turn just like e1 else does on that site.
      I would appreciate advices on this matter because it occurs a lot of times as I play sss at tables with 50->70% players see flop
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