SSS question - a contibet commits me

    • kesgab
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      Oh, forget it, sorry.

      I made a post here, but i cut it out cause my simple calculations were wrong. I am not always commited after a contibet, just usually.

      Anyway, it happens quite often that the pot size and my remaining stack size on the flop is the same, so is it better maybe to raise 1bb more preflop in these situations to make the push easier and not to give good odds preflop for a middle pair or highcards?

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    • Jaime001254
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      if a Cbet commits you (more tah 1/2 your remaining stack its a push... so if your remaining stack = pot, cbet is a push).

      if your cbet gets raised then you usually fold, unless you have odds with a FD, OESD, etc... (but dont count Over cards as a draw, because they arent real outs most of the time... unless you have a read).
      dont Cbet more tahn 1 opponent, thats a rule of thumb.

      i disagree with raising 1bb more, just stick to the strategy and post your hands, that way you can improve your postflop play

      EDIT: if thay call raises with small-midpairs, you are usually ahead (ranges) and also, their set value is -EV (because of your smaller stack)